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Welcome to Justice Project South Africa (JPSA)

ShareIMPORTANT [free] advisory regarding "SANRAL e-tolls" roadblocks all around the GFIP.

ShareIMPORTANT [free] advisory regarding traffic fines issued under the Criminal Procedure Act.

JPSA has fallen victim to a viral eTolls misinformation hoax that is being spread by emails and on instant messaging and social media platforms. Please read our advisory on that matter and share it with as many people as you can.

The offensive to collect eTolls has entered full swing, with SMS and email messages, as well as phone calls from the VPC being directed at unregistered e-Road users. We CANNOT answer individual questions on this matter and have put this page up to answer all of your questions. Please read it!

The joint JPSA and RTMC "blue light protocol" is available here.Note to Self

JPSA has partnered with Fatal Moves and IBF Investigations South Africa to bring you a live South African Road Carnage Counter. We urge you to have a look at it and take its contents to heart. Click here to visit the counter page.

The horrific Fields Hill collision which occurred on Thursday 5 September 2013 has sent shockwaves through South Africa and has made international headlines. Much debate on social media platforms and elsewhere has taken place since this horrific tragedy and we have put a page together to briefly discuss this matter. You can view this page here.

On 18 September 2013, Stan Bezuidenhout from IBF Investigations (and member of JPSA) presented a preliminary report to Sagekal Logistics, whose vehicle and driver were involved in this collision. We have published that report in its unedited form here.

On Monday 16 September 2013, JPSA's national chairperson, Howard Dembovsky met with the new Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters. Feedback on this meeting can be found here.

Justice Project South Africa is a non-profit company, registered in terms of the Companies Act, 2008 and is primarily involved in the prevention and addressing of corruption and power abuse in law enforcement as well as in the education of the public in a wide range road safety issues. We receive no funding from government for our road safety initiatives and any funding that we generate ourselves is used to further our aims and objectives.

Although we have only been around since mid 2008 and in the public eye since 2009, JPSA has established a prominent foothold and reputation in protecting and fighting for the rights of motorists and is widely recognised as the only "motorists' rights" organisation that has both, the guts and capacity to represent the motoring public in addressing these issues.

In March 2013, JPSA was invited by the Chief of the Cape Town Traffic Services, Heathcliff Thomas, as well as Alderman JP Smith to observe the operations of their department. Have a look at what transpired here.

Support what is right - Oppose what is not

Join JPSA Today!Never before in the history of South Africa has any organisation dared challenge the overtly unlawful actions of traffic law enforcement authorities and challenge the way in which road traffic legislation is drafted, enacted and enforced in a highly prejudicial manner. But not only do we challenge things that are wrong, but we support initiatives that are right and even present many of our own ideas and initiatives that do make a difference in bringing safer roads and more effective policing to our roads.

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Our news & views

JPSA revamps and re-opens membership to the public

A while ago, JPSA closed membership applications to members of the public to revamp its membership categories to better suit what it has to offer the public. We are now pleased to announce that this process is complete and we are geared up to take new members on board.

Our new membership categories carry with them a host of benefits to suit the individual requirements of each and every person and entity that we serve.

If you believe in what we do and want to avail yourself of the truly amazing benefits we offer, please click on the Join JPSA link.

JPSA launches its Priority Assist service

Stop CorruptionFor way too long now, motorists have found themselves the targets of unscrupulous, corrupt and downright abusive law enforcement officials and had fear struck into their hearts when they encounter such criminals posing as law enforcement officers.

Unlawful arrest, demanding bribes, extortion and a the host of other unlawful activities perpetrated by these officials is not acceptable and has to be tackled and whilst JPSA has been doing so on an ad-hock basis since 2008, we have now decided to formalise this into a full-blown service to which anyone with a driving licence can subscribe. To find out more about the Priority Assist service, click here.

JPSA lodges complaint with the Public Protector

Following over 12 months of unlawful application of the AARTO Act, and numerous and repeated engagements with those responsible JPSA has lodged an official complaint with the Public Protector on this matter.

The JMPD's wanton lawlessness in this matter is not acceptable and cannot and will not be tolerated.

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This page was last updated on Wednesday 18 June, 2014