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About JPSA

Support for what is right. Oppositoin for what is not!

Justice Project South Africa is a non-profit company, duly registered in terms of the Companies Act, 2008 and is primarily involved in the prevention and addressing of corruption and power abuse in law enforcement as well as in the education of the public in a wide range road safety issues. We receive no funding whatsoever from government or private industry for our road safety initiatives and all funding that we generate ourselves is used to further our aims and objectives.

What JPSA is all about

In short, JPSA is about bringing about fair, equitable and effective law enforcement, tackling corruption and encouraging the changes that will contribute towards enhanced road safety, as opposed to the financially-driven and punitive model that currently exists. We hold that every person, regardless of race, religion or political ideology has the unalienable right to be treated equally and fairly under the law.

JPSA is pro-legitimate law enforcement, pro-civil society and pro-law and order.

What JPSA is not about

Although confusion often arises when people see how stringently we oppose malicious, unfair, incorrect and oppressive law enforcement practices, JPSA is not about defeating the ends of justice, nor is it about getting people off their traffic fines and charges that they have legitimately incurred.

It is simple, if you do the crime, you must do the time but if you have been unjustly accused, that is where we will get involved. Coming to JPSA and saying "I am a law abiding citizen" and then in the same breath saying "I paid a bribe to avoid being locked up by these thugs" is a direct contradiction and one which we view in a very serious light.

JPSA is not anti-law and order, anti-compliance or anti-government. Almost most important of all JPSA is not about profit and enrichment of individuals and whilst we charge for membership and services we provide, all funding we generate is ploughed straight back into our initiatives for the benefit of civil society.

Donate NowIt's a little known fact that the vast majority of the work JPSA does and the assistance it gives is provided at no cost to the person to whom it's provided. If we wanted to make a business of assisting our fellow South Africans, we would never have registered as a non-profit company to start with.

Unfortunately, there is a general assumption that because an organisation is a non-profit comany, it doesn't have expenses and gets preferential treatment when it does incur expenses. Nothing could be further from the truth. To donate to JPSA, click here.

Bringing balance to the equasion

When one takes into account what JPSA is and is not about, it is plain to see that a delicate and vital balance must be maintained in all of our operations. We are called Justice Project South Africa and are not "Defiance" Project South Africa and therefore, we are only interested in what is right and correct.

Justice, in short means fairness and it is not fair when one takes a stance of defending wrongdoing - regardless of who it is that does wrong. That is why JPSA defends the rights of the innocent to the ends of the earth but will also support law enforcement agencies who follow the rules to bring delinquents to book. It is also why JPSA actively supports legitimate law enforcement and vehemently opposes abusive and predatory law enforcement.

So strong is our opposition to abusive and predatory law enforcement that we will stop at nothing (within the bounds of the law) to expose and tackle such abuses. This also includes working with and providing strategic support to several legitimate law enforcement and justice agencies, including some departments of community safety, local and national government and the NPA.

Aims objectives & methodologies

JPSA ObjectivesJPSA is an apolitical organisation and does not employ the "begging bowl" mentality that some other non-profit organisations do since the South African business community is clearly experiencing a chronic infestation of "donor fatigue". That is why JPSA has developed a host of member benefits and services so as allow us to sustain ourselves and our objectives whilst providing outstanding value for money benefits and services.

In being apolitical, JPSA will not side with or become the voice of any political party and/or do its bidding. Whilst this has certainly hampered JPSA's advancement through the political favour and funding that has been extended to other organisations, it has also maintained our credibility as being impartial to whom we tackle.

Our agenda is transparent and clear-cut, with no ambiguous and hidden agendas being part of the mix and we are not here to discredit government or legitimate law enforcement agencies.

Some of our methodologies have been seen as leaning towards the radical side of things, like for example when we registered the AARTO domain from under the RTMC's feet back in 2009 and were initially accused of "hi-jacking" it, or when we laid formal criminal charges against senior "management" of the JMPD for traffic fine fraud.

But our feeling about that is that sometimes, there is enormous value to be gained in adopting "shock" and unconventional tactics and we will not change our ways simply because it makes some people uncomfortable, to be "politically correct" or because others don't have the guts to do what we do. We are not here to seek friends and business partners in the traffic fine industry, we are here to ensure that abuses are halted and never allowed to re-occur.

From its inception, JPSA has stood by its ethos that the law and the constitution are sacred and all people, including those in law enforcement must abide by the rule of law. The question is "who polices the police" and whilst the IPID (Independent Police Investigative Directorate) polices the SA Police Service to some degree, it has no jurisdiction over municipal or provincial traffic police.

That leaves this function to internally run "internal affairs departments", many of which are sorely deficient in both effectiveness and willingness to deal with problems reported to them. Similarly, so-called 24 hour anti-corruption hotlines go unanswered and when they do get answered, members of the public are made to feel like criminals for reporting corrupt activities.

The net result of this lack of independent policing of police has been that the public have gotten the raw end of the deal and as a result have lost sight of the lack of road safety being a major problem in South Africa.

By tackling incorrect, abusive and corrupt law enforcement, identifying and addressing legislative issues and correcting the almost completely absent education of the public on both their rights and their responsibilities when it comes to road traffic law and safety, JPSA is making a significant contribution to the furthering of true education and fair and equitable law enforcement on South Africa's roads.

Add to this that JPSA has pioneered truly innovative road safety initiatives like the JPSA eyewitness programme, coupled with an "in your face" approach to road safety issues and public education and JPSA can truly be defined as a well-rounded "motorists' rights organisation" as well as a fully socially responsible civil organisation.

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This page was last updated on Tuesday 10 March, 2015