Every organisation is only as good as those who determine its credibility and direction and JPSA is no exception.

Fidelity and integrity, coupled with good corporate governance and social responsibility is at the heart of JPSA’s core functions.

JPSA’s leadership determines the organisation’s direction, operations and methodologies to ensure maximum effectiveness and impact through its board of directors.

No person on our board of directors receives directors’ fees and their participation as a director is purely voluntary. The board is currently comprised of:

Howard Dembovsky – Chairperson

The founder and Chairperson of JPSA, Howard Dembovsky has a long and distinguished track record in furthering the objectives of the organisation. His forthright, no-nonsense approach to road safety and representing the interests of JPSA’s members has earned him more than his fair share of enemies in powerful places and some of these people have chosen to mount personal attacks on both, his character and the legitimacy of JPSA. Because he has no skeletons in his closet and insists that the affairs of JPSA are always above board, these personal attacks have failed, each and every time they have been launched.

Howard is widely acknowledged as an expert in traffic law and the enforcement thereof, making him a formidable enemy to anyone who wishes to abuse the provisions thereof.

Vusi GumedeDirector

Vusi Gumede is a senior manager in the financial services industry and has been actively involved in road safety for many years. He has been an active and very vocal member of JPSA for years.

Vusi is well known to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and several traffic law enforcement agencies for his direct approach in addressing road safety and traffic law enforcement issues.