There are a number of very real benefits to being a member of JPSA, not least of which is the fact that our members enjoy the protection that can only come from being a member of an organisation which actively protects the rights of its members. Our members enjoy a number of valuable benefits which include:

  • Representation at local and national levels with respect to their rights;
  • JPSA acting as an intermediary when enforcing our members’ rights;
  • Protection against unlawful and/or unethical traffic law enforcement;
  • Optional access to the JPSA priority assist 24/7/365 service;
  • JPSA maintains an active monitor on all draft traffic law amendments and submits inputs thereon to the relevant authorities.

Our membership categories and their associated subscriptions are as follows:

Member Category Monthly Debit Order Subscription Annual Up-Front Subscription
Individual or Family Membership
(Main Member Subscription)
R50 R500
Additional Family Members R25 each R250 each
Corporate Member – Small Enterprise
(1-50 employees)
R250 (includes membership for main member of company plus 4 employees) R2,500
Additional employee fees R25 each R250 each
Corporate Member – Medium Enterprise
(51-200 employees)
R500 (includes membership for main member of company plus 10 employees) R5,000
Additional employee fees R25 each R250 each
Corporate Member – Large Enterprise
(More than 200 employees)
R1000 (includes membership for main member of company plus 20 employees) R10,000
Additional employee fees R25 each R250 each
Honorary Members* No subscription fee No subscription fee
Non-Profit Organisation Member No subscription fee No subscription fee
“Bolt on” services available to members only (Applies to all members incl. NPO & Honorary)
Priority Assist
(Available to all members and sub-members)
R25 per member R250 per member

Note: When you sign up as a member of JPSA, either as an individual/family member or as a corporate entity, you personally will be the main member who will administer all others in your family or corporate entity. This means that only one debit order will have to be lodged and only you can administer the details of all sub-members of your group. When we say sub-members, we do not mean that such persons are not full members of JPSA – they most certainly are. It simply means that their details are administered by you.

It is also important to note that all members have to agree to our terms and conditions prior to signing up. Amongst these are granting JPSA the necessary authorisation and locus standi to represent the member in acting in the interests of the member in any forum including but not limited to any Court of Law.

Please note that our membership is still handled by our legacy system and therefore, the look and feel of the site will be different to our main website. To join JPSA now, please click here.

If you are already a member, click here to access or edit your profile.

*Honorary membership is granted at the sole discretion of JPSA to State pensioners and/or unemployed persons who apply for or are invited to take up such membership.