Terms & Conditions of Membership

The terms and conditions of membership of JPSA as laid forth in this document constitutes a memorandum of agreement between the member and JPSA.


  • “JPSA” means the civic organisation Justice Project South Africa.
  • “The Organisation” means the civic organisation Justice Project South Africa.
  • “JPSA (NPC)” means Justice Project South Africa (NPC) which is a non-profit company with the registration number 2010/019972/08 duly registered with the registrar of companies.
  • “Member” means any person or entity that becomes a member of JPSA.
  • “Membership” means membership of the JPSA civic organisation.
  • “Subscription” means the monthly or annual subscription fees payable to JPSA.
  • “Priority Assist” means the JPSA Priority Assist service as described in that section.
  • “Non-Profit Organisation” means any organisation that is duly registered as a non-profit company or organisation.


Whereas the member wishes to join JPSA and JPSA has agreed to accept the member into the organisation, both the member and JPSA agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement from the date on which it is entered into and until its formal termination. The member acknowledges and understands that their membership shall be of the organisation and that they shall not have any influence on how JPSA (NPC) is operated by the board of directors of JPSA (NPC).

Requirements for membership

Any person who wishes to be a member of JPSA may join, regardless of nationality. However, in order to be covered by JPSA’s Priority Assist service, each member availing themselves of the service must have a valid driving licence or international drivers licence.

Benefits of membership

JPSA will from time to time offer various benefits to its members including but not limited to representation to government and traffic authorities with respect to their rights.

Priority Assist

Priority Assist is a service that is available to all members of JPSA on an individual, opt-in basis and attracts and additional monthly or annual subscription fee. The service includes access to a call centre which is manned on a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week basis as well as physical response to traffic related emergencies of a law enforcement nature within specific areas. Also included in this service is the availability of an attorney to make bail application if the member is arrested and detained in police custody and an additional charge as laid down in the Priority Assist service will be incurred per instance should this service be invoked by the member. Any bail that is set will be payable by the member or his or her relatives or other emergency contacts and JPSA will not pay bail on behalf of the member. Full details on this service are available on our website.


By joining JPSA, the member provides JPSA with the necessary mandate and locus standi to represent the member in acting in the interests of the member in any forum including any Court of Law.

Subscriptions and fees

Membership and service subscriptions are payable either on a monthly basis by debit order or annually in advance by the member and the member has the right to choose which option he or she wishes to exercise. Fees for additional services provided are payable on invoice and must be paid directly into JPSA’s nominated banking account. Should the member fail to pay any invoice for services that are provided by JPSA, their membership and all benefits attached thereto will be suspended until such time as their account is rectified in full. JPSA’s banking details are provided on any invoice issued.

Limitation of liability

Should the member sign up for or avail themselves of any of the services offered by JPSA, the member acknowledges that all such services are provided on a “best effort” basis and that no warrantees or guarantees with respect to performance or outcomes are expressed or implied by JPSA. JPSA cannot be held accountable for any delays or inability on its part to react to a member and the member expressly acknowledges that they hold JPSA blameless should such a situation arise. Any costs incurred on behalf of the member shall be recoverable from the member over and above the members subscription fees provided that JPSA shall inform the member of the estimated cost prior to the commitment thereof and obtain the members written approval.


This agreement shall come into force on the date that it is entered into by the parties and shall remain in force until such time as it is cancelled in writing by either party providing the other with one calendar month’s written notice of its intention to cancel this agreement and/or any associated services attached thereto.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

Because the procedure of enrolling with JPSA is an online process, the indication of the member that they accept these terms and conditions shall be established by the member checking the appropriate check box on the website and this shall have the same cause and effect as if the member were to have signed a physical document.