AARTO workshops

With all of the speculation and utter nonsense that does the rounds surrounding AARTO and traffic law in general, the need for broad-based education of companies and individuals alike has been identified by JPSA as being vital to a greater understanding of what this is all about.

Coupled with this is the fact that only a very small proportion of people even know what AARTO is, much less what it is all about.

Our on site AARTO workshops are designed to impart the knowledge of what AARTO is and how it works to all people in your company who hold driving licenses and these workshops deal with a lot more than just AARTO. They also deal with other issues relating to traffic law and driver behaviour and aim to impart a greater understanding of both, your rights and your responsibilities as a holder of a driving licence.

Suitable for audiences of between 25 and 50 people, ranging from executives and fleet managers to ordinary drivers, these workshops last between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the level of interaction and amount of questions that arise from the session and are charged at R7,500 per session.

Workshop topics

The following topics are addressed in our workshops:

  • A background to AARTO and why it is necessary to have a points-demerit system
  • Understanding the AARTO legislation
  • Understanding the National Road Traffic Act
  • Procedures to be followed by issuing authorities
  • Financial penalties and how the demerit-points system works
  • Your options under AARTO
  • Procedures for dealing with infringement notices and the forms that need to be completed
  • Effect on contracts – insurance, leasing, rental, etc.
  • Effect of the legislation on juristic persons and operators
  • Labour and human resource issues
  • The effects of corruption on traffic enforcement – particularly AARTO and how to deal with it.

Who should attend?

This workshop has a wide target audience ranging from executives and fleet managers to ordinary drivers or simply people who wish to avoid falling foul of AARTO and risking losing their driving licenses and livelihoods.

Why should you consider holding an AARTO workshop at your company?

Speculation and rumour-mongering is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in society, but similarly, disrespect for the laws of the land can have serious consequences. Even though many drivers regard breaking the odd traffic law here and there as being a justifiable thing to do, the fact is that getting caught can have dire consequences with the introduction of AARTO.

Instilling a basic healthy respect for the law and a well rounded understanding of the real consequences of not adhering to the requirements of the law and AARTO is a good place to start in retaining staff.


You may book an AARTO workshop at your company by contacting us. Travel in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria is not charged for, however should you wish to have us travel further afield, we will ask you to cover our travel costs.

Other training you may be interested in

JPSA conducts specialised AARTO Administration training for AARTO Administrators, fleet managers and small business owners. These courses are conducted in small classes of no more than 5 delegates at a time. For more information, please click here.