Completion of AARTO Forms

The AARTO Act incorporates an array of prescribed forms which need to be completed in order to properly deal with infringement notices issued to individuals, as well as proxies of juristic entities.

In terms of the AARTO Act, there are five so-called elective options which you may pursue within the first 32 days of the service of an AARTO infringement notice, namely to:

  • pay the fine at the 50% discounted penalty amount;
  • apply to pay the fine in installments – sacrificing the discount;
  • nominate the driver of the vehicle if you were not the driver;
  • make representation to so-called “representations officers” in the employ of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA); or
  • elect to be tried in [a magistrates] court.

Once a courtesy letter has been issued, the discount is forfeited and your option to nominate the driver is removed. You then have a further 32 days from the date of its service to:

  • pay the fine at 100% of penalty amount plus a further R60 for the “courtesy letter fee”;
  • apply to pay the fine and fee in installments;
  • make representation to so-called “representations officers” in the employ of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) – at the risk of a further R200 “unsuccessful representation fee” being added if your representation is not successful; or
  • elect to be tried in [a magistrates] court.

The AARTO Act then goes on to prescribe that if you have not taken any action within 32 days of the service of a courtesy letter, the Registrar of the RTIA must issue an enforcement order against you. The effect of even as single enforcement order is to block eNaTIS from issuing you with a licence disc, driving licence and/or professional driving permit.

NOTE: The processes described above are those which are prescribed by the AARTO Act however, the RTIA does not appear to follow all of the processes in a consistent manner. Due to this, it may only be when a person tries to renew their licence or PrDP that it becomes apparent that one or more enforcement orders have been issued against them.

You cannot however rely on the RTIA not following prescribed processes and it is our advice that you take action immediately upon becoming aware of the existence of an infringement notice. That’s where we come in and may be of assistance to you.

Completing an AARTO 08 representation form for example can be a little more complicated than one may first assume since the specifics and wording of the actual representation you make will a huge difference to the potential outcome of it. Additionally, making use of the incorrect form will have a detrimental effect on you.

JPSA offers services in completing the correct AARTO forms in the correct manner so that your chances of success are elevated when the forms are submitted by you. Our fee for completion of AARTO forms is R150 per form, per infringement notice number. If you are interested in this service, kindly contact us.

NOTE: This service is only suitable for infringement notices issued under the AARTO Act. For notices issued in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act, please see this page.