Priority Assist

Being stopped for an alleged traffic offence can be terrifying and tales of abuse and harsh treatment are not hard to find. Similarly, enormous abuses take place in roadblocks set up by many traffic authorities whereat they regularly prevail upon motorists to pay outstanding traffic fines, under false threat of arrest.

This is a reality faced by uncountable South African motorists on a daily basis and when it happens to you or your loved one, the effects can be far-reaching and very difficult to deal with or even comprehend. Thinking that it can’t happen to you is tantamount to living in a dream world.

JPSA’s Priority Assist is a world first (as far as we are aware) 24/7/365 motorists’ assistance call centre and response service for people who get stopped by traffic (or regular) police for any reason whatsoever and feel threatened.

It is somewhat sad that there should even be a need for such a service, but the reality is that it is sorely necessary in South Africa these days.

Our priority assist service is available to any member of JPSA who holds a valid driving licence and subscribes to the service. It costs only R25 per member per month.

When calling the 24/7/365 dedicated number, you will be immediately informed of your rights and we can even speak with the officer/s who have stopped you. Although it is not the objective of this service to excuse violations of traffic law, in the vast majority of cases where our members have utilised this service, they have been let go with a mere warning.

We have however had two cases in the history of this service, which came into effect in 2012 where the matters could not be resolved over the phone and we had to go to a police station to resolve the matter. In both of those cases, our members were released on bail and the matters against them withdrawn the following day.

The service is not designed to interfere in any way with legitimate law enforcement, but is designed to actively and effectively deal with issues of corruption and abuse and give motorists the peace of mind in knowing that they are no longer alone when they become the target of a traffic stop.