Written Representations to Public Prosecutors and/or Traffic Authorities

Unlike under the AARTO Act where prescribed forms have been legislated for use, when dealing with the Criminal Procedure Act, there are no formally prescribed forms catered for under the Criminal Procedure Act. Although some jurisdictions do indeed have forms which they have compiled to deal with things like representations, these are not common and more often than not, it is up to you to format a letter of representation to the public prosecutor or the traffic authority concerned.

JPSA offers services to members of the public where it will write a correctly worded representation to the public prosecutor or traffic authority concerned (depending on what stage in the Criminal Procedure Act your matter stands) and based on your inputs. Our fee for this service is slightly more than that for the completion of AARTO forms because of the additional work that is required. Our fee for this service is R250 per representation, per infringement notice.

NOTE: This service is only suitable for notices issued in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act. For AARTO infringement notices, please see this page.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us.